Company history



Establishment of the company by Maximiliano Rodrigues Dias, which was the beginning of the production of natural cork stoppers, destined primarily for sale by local companies. A family-run business, at the time, the company had 6 employees at its facilities located in Santa Maria de Lamas.


The opening of new export markets was the turning point in the course of the company’s activities, with particular emphasis on the French, German and UK markets.


After several years operating as sole proprietor, the joint owner, Maximiliano Dias, started a company with his children, by the name of Maximiliano Rodrigues & Filhos Lda. In that same year, the company achieved its maximum productive capacity – 25 million corks per year.


The joint owner Maximiliano Dias divided up his share and sold 20% to António Martins Silva, a company employee since 1973, who became the manager of the company, together with his wife, one of the founder’s daughter.


Obtaining of the first international SYSTECODE certification, which ensures compliance with the International Code of Cork Stopper Manufacturing created by the European Cork Federation (C.E. Liège). This certification has been renewed every year until the present day.


Increasing quality demands led to the relocation of the company to an industrial park with more modern facilities and infrastructure, best suited to the company’s needs in terms of production and growth. This year was also marked by another transfer of shares and amendments to the articles of incorporation – António Martins Silva and his wife became the sole shareholders of the company.